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Thanks for visiting this page. If you're interested in sustainable homes, are looking to buy or sell a home or are just interested in having a chat about the housing market you've come to the right place! 

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My Story

I aspire to distill my personal and professional experiences in buying and selling homes to tailor a solution for his clients. While there is a pervasive sentiment that certain types of homes (detached vs. condo vs. townhouse) or certain locations are superior, in reality an individual client's needs may be better suited for certain types of homes or locations, regardless of their ability to buy others on the list. He excels at qualifying each client's personal situation and arriving at the ideal solution together.

Having previously worked for public organizations like the United Nations and electronics giants such as Sony and Samsung, I bring a fresh perspective to real-estate and like to integrate my knowledge on sustainable development and smart home technology to help my clients find a forward thinking approach to finding a new home. Whether you're trying to make sense of the various sustainability standards, want to maximize the return during your buying/selling journey or want to market your home in the best possible light, I have your best interests at heart. 

Exceeding expectations while providing a personalized and stress free client experience is my goal with each one of my clients. 


I'd love to hear from you!


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